The genus Narcissus, named after the legendary self-obsessed Greek youth, has its real centre in the Iberian Peninsula where many of the 50 accepted species are concentrated. Despite the difference in climate the species from the mountains of Southern France, Spain and Portugal grow equally well here as our own native species and have been used to create the current myriad of cultivars.
One great advantage our selection has over many modern hybrids is their relatively small size, which makes them much more appropriate as a naturalised feature. This means they remain standing where many of the taller, showier hybrids are blown over, and blend into and out of the landscape gently where the large flowers of some of the hybrids make a brash statement then remain unsightly after dying back.
Daffodils are particularly robust and problem free, and many species and varieties naturalise in a range of situations, growing well in a woodland or meadow. They are always a glorious discovery when flowering in profusion in a woodland glade, on a mountain side or riverbank. The following is a selection of the Daffodils that establish well in Britain and many of which have been used in gardens for centuries.