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We have been growing native bulbs and plants on our Welsh smallholding since 1986. Our mission has been to supply not only our native bulbs and plants but also bulbs from different parts of the world that naturalise well in our climate. All our bulbs and plants are suitable both for naturalising and using in the border, bearing in mind they will perform best in conditions close to their natural habitat. Most of them are easy to grow and will increase readily when given the appropriate conditions.

Bulbs native to the British Isles and other bulbs and plants for naturalising

Wildflower gardening has become increasingly popular, with more people interested in growing our own very beautiful native plants. They are being recognised as a great resource for all parts of the garden, and not just the 'wild' garden, although this is deservedly getting increasing attention. With hedgerows, woodland and hay meadows continually disappearing under the onslaught of construction and modern farming methods, the sight of our native flowers is fast becoming a memory to many people.

Please note: bulbs and plants are despatched when ready to plant. Bulbs are despatched from August to October with some exceptions which are indicated. We send some bulbs 'in the green' in spring Plants are sent either in the Autumn (August - October) or in Spring (March-April)

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Native Bulbs

Including Native Bluebell, Wild Daffodil, Snakes Head Fritillary, Wild Tulip, Wood Anemone. We have been growing native bulbs on our Welsh smallholding since 1986 and can guarantee that none of our bulbs have been taken from the wild.Most of them are easy to grow and will increase readily when given the appropriate conditions. All bulbs are mature and of flowering size.

Native Plants for Naturalising

To compliment our bulbs we grow some other native plants for woodland, wetland and meadow situations. Being native, and therefore hardy, they will naturalise and spread given conditions they like. All plants despatched are container grown or open ground stock and are sent out bare rooted.

Other bulbs for Naturalising

Many non-native hardy bulbs can be used for naturalising in woodland and meadow. Varieties of daffodil , squills and crocus are prime examples. There are also other species from different temperate regions that can also be established as a mass planting or in groups.

Bulbs ‘in the Green’

We feel that planting freshly lifted bulbs in their dormant period has all the advantages of transplanting 'in the green', a traditional method with Snowdrops, but without the disadvantages of interrupting the plant in its growing season and dealing with delicate foliage. However we do send certain bulbs out ‘in the green’ as well as when the bulbs are dormant and these are sent out in the spring (March).



Daffodils are particularly robust and problem free, and many species and varieties naturalise in a range of situations, growing well in a woodland or meadow. They are always a glorious discovery when flowering in profusion in a woodland glade, on a mountain side or riverbank. The following is a selection of the Daffodils that establish well in Britain and many of which have been used in gardens for centuries.

Gift Vouchers


Bulbs and plants make excellent gifts but are only available at certain times of the year! For no extra charge we will send an attractive gift token for either bulbs, plants, or credit so the recipients can choose for themselves. To arrange a gift voucher please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help.